Monday, March 21, 2016

A Word on Writing, and How This Blog Will Work

The beauty of a blog is that one doesn’t necessarily have to do anything “in order.” That is, the writer is not obligated to tell a story in any particular order. We are allowed to make our own rules. Well, in truth, novelists and poets and dramatists are allowed to break rules as well, but with a blog the writer can make up a structure as he or she goes along. Yes I can make it up as I go as long as I keep ya'll interested. And I love that! I have roughly five or six unfinished, somewhat-historical novels stored in my electronic files. And, like many novelists, I become schizophrenic when I sit down to work on any one of the novels, wracking my brain over structure and character arcs and tone and phrasing and plotting and historical references and …. Arrrrgh! It can be maddening. 

Rare is the day or the hour when I feel in that groove where everything works and the words flow from my fingertips like Mozart on the keyboard. Most writers are like this. On the outside we look calm and cerebral; inside we are a wreck with matter bouncing around in our heads.

Blogs however are (relatively) easy. I can practice stream of consciousness writing like Jack Kerouac. But I won’t go that far… down the road. (see what I did there?)

So for the first “real” post after my first post I’ve decided to jump in with what will be many observations on the current state of Memphis in my Search for the Heart of our city. And to give you the reader an idea as to how I will structure this blog and this search, I will be jumping back and forth between my observations of city affairs and my story. 

So here goes... 

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